Other Nationalities on the Wall

Countries shown are the "home of record" and may reflect the last residence rather than nationality.  Nevertheless this shows the effect of the draft on young men living in America.  You did not have to be a citizen to be drafted and required to serve.  In other cases, these men were volunteers, perhaps heeding Kennedy's call or maybe signing up with a buddy.  In every case, not just America, but the world bears the loss.


John Louis Molyneaux, Jr.
45W LINE: 015


Roger Lee Geli
21W LINE: 125


Ronald Enrique Tardio
11E LINE: 116

 Frank Howard Briggs
17W LINE: 090

Over 100

Names on the
"North Wall"

Costa Rica

Jose Antonio Castro
34W LINE: 031

Jeffery Stephen Dyer
27W LINE: 063

Charles Patrick Scarano
47E LINE: 054

John Robert Shell
36E LINE: 050


Edwin Reynolds Grottke, Jr.
17W LINE: 077

Ellis Andre Roberson
29W LINE: 083


Zlatko M. Fakin
01E LINE: 099

Barry Jason Goodman
15E LINE: 024

Miloslav Jose Martinovsky
35E LINE: 076

Stan Mendy
10W LINE: 026

Eugene Major Robinson
20W LINE: 076

Robert James Scott
24E LINE: 092

Henryk Taduesz Sulatycki
48W LINE: 016



20 Names

Patrick Bryan
09W LINE: 012

Roger Glen Reid
04W LINE: 097

Mervin Eden Wallace
: 50W LINE: 011


Regaldo Aperocho
13W LINE: 080

Aubrey Rudolph Henley
48W LINE: 055


Benjamin Stephen Fordham
50E LINE: 003

Everado Galindo Jr.
20W LINE: 049

Walter Lee Pumpelly
07E LINE: 011

Carlos J. Sanchez
06E LINE: 086

Alan Edwin Williams
: 27E LINE: 042

New Zealand

Harry Payne Burton
27W LINE: 071

James Edward Lott
57E LINE: 006


Jimmy Concepcion-Chapman
51W LINE: 024

Guillermo Bautis Pagaduan
34E LINE: 090

Robert Lewis Simpson
01E LINE: 010


Alberto Jara-Verano
13E LINE: 077

Puerto Rico


Leroy Barnes
09E LINE: 041
Virgin Islands


(Virgin Islands seems to have been used to classify soldiers who had no fixed abode, so may not indicate any residency in the V.I.)


Most stats courtesy of www.thewall-usa.com
Names from www.no-quarter.org

This is a work in progress . . .

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