The Irish in other Wars and Armies

     St. Patrick's Day, 2003 at Camp Eagle, Kuwait: 

Members of the Royal Irish Regiment, 16th Air Assault Brigade, celebrate St.Patrick's Day at Camp Eagle, in the run-up to war against Iraq..

Irish Fighting Irish by Brian McGinn
In foreign armies, Irish soldiers often found fellow-Irishmen in their gun sights."

Brian McGinn - a partial online Bibliography






Ireland and the American Revolution:

Irish Immigrants who Fought for America's Freedom

Commodore John Barry in the Revolutionary War:

The U.S. Navy's Irish-born Founding Father

Timothy Murphy, Frontier Rifleman:

Revolutionary War Marksman at Saratoga

The Volunteers of Ireland:

Not All Irishmen Sided With the Patriots

Irish at The Alamo

Davy Crockett's Valiant Irish Dozen

Thomas Francis Meagher's Irish Brigade

Parent Unit of the 'Fighting 69th' New York Regiment


The Irish Brigade Monument at Antietam

Irish Who Fell on the Civil War's Bloodiest Day

Colonel Michael Corcoran's Irish Legion

The Union's 'Other' Irish Brigade in the Civil War

General Philip Sheridan

From Civil War Hero to Indian Fighter

Corporal Michael Corcoran's Forgotten Medal of Honor

An Irish American Veteran Pays Homage to a Hero of the Indian Wars

Irish-born Medal of Honor Recipients

127 Honored For Bravery during the Civil War

Irish in the Confederate Army

Generals, Units and a Chaplain

General Patrick Cleburne

A Confederate Officer from Co. Cork

Eight Alabama Emerald Guard

An Irish Company in Confederate Service

Detail of The Irish Brigade Monument at Antietam

The Irish at The Little Bighorn

7th Cavalry Troopers Who Fell with Custer

Captain Myles Keogh

An Irish-born Officer Who Died with Custer

Garryowen, Montana

Named After the 7th Cavalry's Irish Marching Song

Gunnery Sgt. Daniel Joseph Daly, U.S. Marine Corps

Double Medal of Honor Winner in China and Haiti

The Fighting 69th in World War I

'Wild Bill' Donovan, Fr. Francis Duffy, and Joyce Kilmer

Fr. John Patrick Washington, U.S. Army Chaplain

Son of Irish Immigrants Earns Immortality in World War II

The Yanks are Coming

The U.S. Army in Northern Ireland During World War II

U.S. NAVCOMMSTA, Londonderry

The U.S. Navy in Northern Ireland during World War II

The Americans in Ulster, 1942-1945

From GI Brides to Visits by Ike and Eleanor Roosevelt

The 165th (69th) Infantry in World War II

Makin Island, Saipan and Okinawa

Audie Murphy in World War II

America's Most Decorated Combat Soldier

Irish Dead in World War II Europe

Remains of 18 Irish-born U.S. Soldiers Repatriated After War

The Irish in Korea

Soldiers and Civilians in America's 'Forgotten War'

The Irish on the Wall

Irish Men and Women Listed on the Vietnam War Memorial

The War on Terrorism

Irish America's Heroes of 9/11


The Battle of Ridgeway,1866:

Fenian Brotherhood Routs the Canadian Militia in Ontario

A Canadian Perspective on the Fenian Raids:

Attacks Transformed 'British North America' into Nation of Canada

Orange and Green Maple Leafs

Irish-Canadian Contribution in War of 1812, WW I & II

The Irish Regiment of Canada:

Irish-Canadians in World War I and II


The Irish in Mexico: A Bibliography
         Brian McGinn's Resource Center for the Irish who settled South of the Border

The Real Zorro:

Mexico's Legendary Hero was an Irishman

Lt. Col. Hugo O'Conor in New Spain (Mexico):

An Irish Officer Guards Spain's New World Frontiers

San Patricio and Refugio

Irish Settlements in Mexican Texas

The San Patricio (Saint Patrick's) Battalion

Irishmen Who Switched Sides During the Mexican-American War

The San Patricios

Mark Day's Site on the Irishmen Who Died for Mexico


Ernesto "Che" Guevara

The first thing to note is that in my son's veins flowed the blood of the Irish rebels.


The Irish in South America

An Annotated Bibliography of the Irish Presence


Admiral William Brown:

The Irish-born Founder of Argentina's Navy



General Francis Burdett O'Connor

Bolivia's Minister of War from Co. Cork


Colonel Cotter's Recruits

Eyewitness to Irish Tragedy in Rio de Janeiro


Garland, O'Higgins and MacKenna

The Chilean Legacy of three Irish Military Engineers

Don Ambrosio O'Higgins:

The Irish Engineer Who Became Spain's Viceroy in Peru

Bernardo O'Higgins:

Ambrosio's Son Leads Chile to Independence from Spain

William R. Grace, "The Pirate of Peru"

Irish Entrepreneur Benefits from Payoff of Peru's War Debt

The Grace Brothers in Peru

Their Involvement in 1879 Chilean-Peruvian War



Eliza Lynch, First Lady of Paraguay (free registration required)

Cork Woman's Ill-fated Alliance with 19th Century Dictator



Venezuela's Irish Legacy:

Simon Bolivar's Hard-Luck Irish Legion

Simon Bolivar, the South American Liberator

Idealistic Venezuelan Leader who Inspired the Irish



The Irish Defense Forces Website:

Serving Ireland and U.N. Peacekeeping Operations

Irish Armed Forces on UN Service

Peacekeeping from the Belgian Congo to Lebanon and East Timor

Ireland Reacts to the Boer War

Pride in the North, Division in the South

An Irish Airman Foresees His Death

World War I Ireland in W.B. Yeats' Poem

Francis Ledwidges's Long Road Home (free registration required)

Co. Meath Village Remembers a Soldier-Poet Killed in Flanders

In Memorial Francis Ledgwidge

Seamus Heaney Salutes a Fellow Poet

Irish National War Memorial

The Memorial Gardens at Islandbridge

Ireland's Last Great War Veteran

Royal Irish Rifleman Tommy Shaw, Dead at 102

It's a Long Way to Tipperary:

The Story behind the Famous World War I Song

Islandbridge War Memorial, Dublin

Sir Edwin Lutyens's Tribute to WW I Dead

Ireland's Involvement in World War II:

Neutral, But Neutral for Whom?

The Blitz in Belfast:

Nazi Bombers Target Northern Ireland, 1941

Aftermath of 1941 Blitz Bombing

1,100 Dead, 100,000 Homeless in Belfast

Ireland's Merchant Seamen in WW II (free registration required)

Battling Weather and U-Boats to Keep Sea Lanes Open

U-Boats in Irish Waters

Nazi Submarines Sunk in Irish Sea

Irish People in the Second World War:

An Irish Heroine and Hero

Polar Explorer Tom Crean

Kerry-born Hero of Antarctic Expeditions


St. Patrick's Day in Vienna, 1766 by Brian McGinn

Irish Officers in Habsburg Service Celebrate March 17th



The Irish Guards

Queen Victoria's Tribute to Irish Bravery against the Boers

Irish Men and Military Service:

Understanding the Irish who Served England in World War I

The 16th (Irish) Division:

A Southern Irish Division in World War I

The 36th (Ulster) Division:

Northern Irish Division in World War I

The 10th (Irish) Division at Gallipoli, 1915:

A Mismanaged Assault in the Dardanelles

Tyneside Irish Brigade:

Bagpipes and Bravery in World War I

Private Patrick Fowler's War

Concealed for Three Years in a French Cupboard

Dungarvan Museum Society, Co. Waterford:

Five Famous Irish Regiments of World War I

The Connaught Rangers

Remembering 'The Devil's Own' from 1793 through Disbandment in 1922

The Royal Dublin Fusiliers:

From India and South Africa to the Somme and Passchendaele

Athy Heritage Centre, Co. Kildare:

World War I's Cost in One Irish County

Post-War Ireland:

Irish Veterans Found a Country Utterly Changed

The Somme Heritage Centre:

Co. Down Museum Remembers Ireland's Sacrifice

The Island of Ireland Peace Park at Messines, Belgium:

Honoring Ireland's Northern and Southern Great War Dead

Aces of World War I:

Irish-born Ace Pilots in the Royal Flying Corps

Irish Winners of the Victoria Cross:

Britain's Highest Award for Acts of Gallantry

Proud "Paddys" in World War II

165,000 from Irish Republic in British Forces

Lt. Maureen O'Sullivan, SOE Agent (free registration required)

Dublin Woman's Heroics in Occupied France

Churchill's Irish Minister of Information

Master of British Propaganda from Tipperary

Blair Mayne, Special Air Service Hero (free registration required)

Ulsterman Wreaks Havoc on Rommel's Afrika Corps

James Joseph Magennis, VC

Ireland's Last Winner of the Victoria Cross

Royal Ulster Rifles

Northern Irish Regiment in WWII and Korea

The Royal Irish Regiment, formed 1992

Merger of Royal Irish Rangers and Ulster Defense Regiment

"Green Is The Colour"

Royal Irish Celebrate March 17, 2003 at Home


"Green Is The Colour"

Royal Irish Celebrate March 17, 2003 at Home


The Battle of Cremona, 1702

Irish Regiments Save the French Army in Italy

The Battle of  Fontenoy, 1745:

The Irish Save the Day for France in Belgium

Fontenoy 1745, by Emily Lawless:

Poetry Celebrating Irish Role in French Victory over English

Battle of Culloden, Scotland in 1746:

Irish in French Service Support Scots against English

Irish Brigade Officers in the American Revolution:

Dillon's Regiment Against the English at Savannah, 1779

Napoleon's Irish Legion:

Raised to Invade Ireland, Decimated in European Campaigns

Napoleon's Legion Irlandaise, 1803-1815

With Names of Commandants and Bibliography

Wild Geese Heritage Museum and Library

Galway-based Tribute to Irish in French Service



Hitler's 'Irish Brigade':

A German Effort to Recruit Irish-born Prisoners-of-War



Field Marshal Peter Lacy

A Limerickman in 18th Century Russia

The O'Rourkes of Belarus

Descendants of Exiled Earls in Russia and Poland


Irish in the Spanish Civil War:

Connolly Column versus O'Duffy Volunteers


Rorke's Drift, South Africa:

Irish in British Service against the Zulus, 1879

Irish Regiments in the Boer War

1,500 Irish Dead in Defense of Britain's Empire

Tom Crean Earns a VC against the Boers (free registration required)

Dublin-born Doctor Tends the British Wounded Under Fire

The Boer Republics' Irish Allies

Major MacBride Leads Irish Commandos Against the British

John MacBride of Westport

Co. Mayo Origins of the Transvaal Irish Brigade

Irish Police in South Africa

Keeping Order in the Cape and Natal

South African Irish Regiment:

Bagpipes and Wolfhounds in the SANDF




The Irish Soldier in India

Birthplace of the Dublin (Madras) and Munster (Bengal) Fusiliers



Paddy and Saddam

War is Serious Business, and the Irish Wage it with Humor




Newfoundland: The Most Irish Place Outside Ireland
The customs, folklore, religious practices and sports that bind the two islands


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Irish on the Wall

Irish in the Korean War

The Irish in WWII

Brian McGinn - a partial online Bibliography