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An Irishman's Diary

Today is Memorial Day, when America honours its war dead. At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., a tricoloured wreath will be laid, and Irish flags placed, in memory of the seventeen Irish soldiers known to have died with US forces in Vietnam.  

An Irishman’s Diary: The Mulhalls

 “In this business,” said Michael George, “there is a chance for us to make fame for ourselves.” “To hell with fame,” replied his brother Edward Thomas, “let us make money out of it!” Thus, if family legend can be believed, began one of South America’s most profitable and prominent publishing enterprises. 

The Black Irish

Inhabitants of the Caribbean Island of Montserrat Claim Irish Blood

Butlers in 17th Century Montserrat

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506)

Encounters with the Irish on The Wall

One. That was the official count of Irish-born casualties when Vickie Curtin, coordinator of the Washington, D.C. branch of the Coalition of Irish Immigrant Centers, set out to lay a wreath at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. But surely, among the more than 58,000 names etched in the black granite panels of The Wall—as the Memorial is popularly known--1st Lieutenant John Cecil Driver of Dublin could not be the sole Irishman? 

Irish Connections at America’s Birthplace: Jamestown

Just how Francis Magnel came to be numbered among Virginia ’s earliest settlers is still something of a mystery.

Irish Fighting Irish  

In foreign armies, Irish soldiers often found fellow-Irishmen in their gun sights.

The Irish in Mexico: An Annotated Bibliography

The Irish Language outside Ireland
Comments on Patrick's O'Sullivan's discussion of an Anthology of the Irish Language Literature of America

Jamestown, Virginia

From the beginning, the venture in Virginia had close associations with Ireland, where England was concurrently engaged in the Plantation of Ulster.

Newfoundland: The Most Irish Place Outside Ireland
The customs, folklore, religious practices and sports that bind the two islands  

Quiet Heroes of a "Forgotten War"

Korean War memorial mass for Irish fallen

Remembering Korean War Dead
Letter to Editor clarifying the citizenship status and burial places of Irish-born casualties

Roanoke Island

Among the sailors, soldiers and servants in Raleigh’s expeditions were five documented Irishmen, and several others whose surnames suggest Irish origins.

St. Augustine, Florida

Two Irishmen in the service of Spain reached this remote outpost on Florida ’s Atlantic coast during the final decade of the 16th Century. 

St. Patrick's Day in Vienna, 1766  

Irish Officers in Habsburg Service Celebrate March 17th

St. Patrick's Day in Peru, 1824
Irish Officers in the service of Simon Bolivar celebrate
The San Patricios
Irish who Joined the Mexicans during the War of 1848
The South American Irish
Irish Accomplishments in Engineering, Medicine and Journalism

Through Irish Eyes: The Civil War Photography of Timothy O’Sullivan


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