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You will find a thoughtful, serious, friendly discussion of women's service in Vietnam in various civilian and military capacities. Most of the participants are women who were there.

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" . . .women serving in different capacities had little contact with one another, even if they lived in fairly close quarters.  With what you know now, do you think that would still be the case, if you were back there, with the advantage of what you know now?"

"I like to think I would have done things differently. There might not have been enough time or energy, but I like to think that when I saw a nurse in the bathroom as we brushed our teeth, I'd have smiled at her and asked how she was doing. I might even have asked about a patient I'd visited in the hospital or how she'd done when the C130 crashed on the airstrip. I like to think that had Grace or Joan and any others been there, I'd have seen the love and beauty in their tired faces and felt empathy instead of just getting on with my day.

I like to think that when the nurse in the NSA hospital asked me to talk with the badly burned blinded man that she recognized that I had something to offer him which she felt unable to provide at that moment. I like to think that when she saw me tear up, she didn't think I was too naive for this job but rather that we had a hard time coping too.

I think it would be very different for all of us--well, maybe not very different, but we'd have felt some of the understanding and caring which we feel for each other now.

DD, 67-68"

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