Baggio at the Net 
~Scott T. McAllister

The match was long and hot, on that July, Sunday.
After 120 minutes the players could hardly play.
Roberto Baggio for Italy had a sore hamstring;
A sigh of relief he gave, to hear the final whistle sing.

Now that playing time was gone, now that time was up;
This game of teams was reduced to two, to decide for the World Cup.

Italy was to shoot first followed by Brazil.
Taking the kick was Baresi, defending was Taffarel.
Baresi shanked it, right over the top.
Down to his knees, in anguish, he did drop.
Now it was Brazil's turn to put the ball into the net.
But, the shot was blocked, and not a goal had been scored yet.

Again, it was time for Italy to shoot,
and Albertini scored a goal with inside of his boot.
Up strutted Romario, confident and cool;
who banked a shot of the post that simply was a jewel.
Another goal was tallied for each of the competing teams.
Just another step closer to the players hopes and dreams.

But, in the next round, Italy would make a mistake.
For the scoring spree that was taken, Taffarel dove to brake.
Now, Dunga, for Brazil, scored an important goal;
Because, Italy was now deep, down in a hole.

Not all hope was lost for Italy,
the next kicker was voted world's best, you see.
Even though with an injury, he had let his talents shine;
And, now, only one more step for Baggio to posses the golden shrine.
Baggio gave the ball a strike;
The announcer quiet at the mike.

But at the point of impact;
A shriek of pain shot through his leg's back.
Sending the ball, and all of his World Cup dreams, way over the
old onion-sack.

No other World Cup tale, you can bet;
Will always be remembered than, Baggio at the Net.

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