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I only want to remember to the one who wrote the gentle article, that MY TEAM, Roma, for 17 (SEVENTEEN) years ended the season with more points than Lazio....... (1974-1991) and that Roma never had been relegated in serie B except for ONE year in the far 50's. Instead, Lazio, had a sort of subscription with the serie B, as they finished there very very regularly.....and one year they had to fight strongly not to finish in SERIE C!!!!!!! They are usually sparring partners of teams like CAVESE, CAMPOBASSO, NOVARA, COMO ando other minors.... In a few words, my dear friends: THE ONLY TEAM OF THIS CITY, THE ONE WHO HAS THE TRUE COLORS, THE TRUE NAME AND THE TRUE STORY OF THE CITY IS FOREVER ROMA!!!!! Call Lazio and their fans with thir only true name: BURINI!!!!!! Good luck Alessandro

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