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Growing up all of a summers day
Soccer in the Mean Streets

Would you coach soccer at Cabrini Green?
Night Rounds

Visiting the "Wall" for the first time at night.
Forza Lazio, Forza Roma

Meeting some *serious* soccer fans!
A Look at Samuel Pepys

" . . . and so to bed."

(Read Pepy's for yourself! Order his books online here.)

O'Leary Lantern

Essays about the Chicago Fire soccer team.
    More to come, maybe later . . .

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My references: Zinos, Minerva, Depauw Magazine, The Match, Stinking Wild Onion, Verbatim

What the heck is "creative nonfiction" anyway?

'I want to propose that creative nonfiction has three qualities. First, to be nonfiction, it must be “true.” Second, it is artful. And, third, it gives us a sense of the writer’s presence.'

~ Dan Roche

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