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Cheryl Boswell's Graphic for ICW Webring

(My Thanks to Graphic Artist Cheryl Boswell for this graphic.  Thanks to the late Chris Banigan and Sharon Cummings, for the use of their photos and to Claire Starnes for the use of Air Force photos from the Vietnam Women Veteran's website.)

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Faces of the Fallen. An exhibit in tribute to America's servicemembers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan opened March 23, 2005, at the Women's Memorial. The exhibit will include over 1,000 portraits by more than 100 artists and feature a variety of mediums, including drawings, paintings, sculpture, relief, collage and textiles. Visit www.facesofthefallen.org to learn more about the exhibit and the artists. Faces of the Fallen will remain at the Memorial through Labor Day 2005.  (This may have been extended until Nov.)

Productions of A PIECE OF MY HEART:  
(Please send info on any productions so I can post it here and in my newsletter)

A Piece of My Heart

The Sharon Ann Lane Foundation

The Sharon Ann Lane Foundation will honor her memory among the people of Vietnam by erecting a Medical Clinic near the site of her service.  The cost of the Clinic is 30,000 USD. Will you consider honoring Sharon Ann Lane, Nurse, Humanitarian and exemplary American by helping to complete this Clinic in her memory for the villagers of Tam Hiep commune, Chu Lai, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam?

 Women's Overseas Service LeagueWomen's Overseas Service League

The Women’s Overseas Service League (WOSL) in existence since 1921 enjoys an illustrious history of advocating women’s rights and patriotic service for the past 78 years. WOSL is the only national service organization for women who have served overseas in the military, or for civilians who have served with social service agencies, in support of our Armed Forces.





April 20-22, 2007   

And World Premiere of  



Documentary Produced by

Arrowhead Films

Marriott DFW Airport South   (Dallas Fort Worth)

Arrive April 20, 2007 , using hotel’s DFW airport shuttle, and hob-nob with old friends in the hotel bar, restaurant, and atrium.

April 21, 2007 -- daytime is available for your pleasure…sightseeing, visiting, or enjoying the hotel amenities. 

Evening  Schedule

· 6:30 p.m. Banquet, hotel ballroom
8:00 p.m. Film premiere, hotel ballroom

Veterans are welcome to attend.  There is no charge if they are just attending the film at 8:00 p.m.   Please have them RSVP at DonutDollieReunion at yahoo.com – so we can get a seating headcount.  If they want to eat, they’ll need to pay $40/pp for the banquet.

Melbourne, Florida Annual Vietnam and All Veterans Reunion 

Held annually in April - 321-255-4307

Howard Co. (IN) Vietnam Vets Reunion

Held annually in September

This Indiana reunion always attracts a number of women VN veterans.

12th Evac Hospital, 66-70 RVN Reunion

Contact Richard Harder 210.657.3526   richarder@mymailstation.com


Oral History Project of the Vietnam Archive
Texas Tech University
Special Collections Library
Room 108
Lubbock, TX 79409-1041

They are aggressively seeking women to tell their stories.

Find Other Women Like You!

Sign the Women in Vietnam Guest Book/Locator Service!

People have actually been reunited by this small guest book.   Guest books are indexed by search engines and people like to search for their own names online.  Try it yourself at Google.    Maybe someone somewhere is looking for you!  I suggest putting the name and unit of the person you want to locate as people search on unit names like "12th Evac" too.  Best of luck . . .


WIMSA Will Help You Look if you are a Member

In Search Of. Looking for friends you made while serving? Is someone looking for you? As a Memorial member, the Foundation will help you look, free of charge, for fellow soldiers, shipmates and friends. Visit the In Search Of (ISO) section of the web site at www.womensmemorial.org/ISO/iso.html to learn more about this service and to place or check a listing. ISO is also a great way to announce upcoming reunions, identify project participants, and much more.

Military Medical Associations

This is the best list of addresses I have found.

Organizations for Women Veterans

    Mailing addresses of Women Veterans Organizations

Captain Barb's Tips on Locating Women How to Locate Anyone Who Is or Has Been in the Military [paperback]  This comes highly recommended

A Selected archives and Special Collections with Collections and Material Pertaining to American Women's Service in Vietnam and During the Vietnam Era

Civilian Women's Archive
Penrose Library
Special Collections Department
University of Denver
Denver, CO 80208
ATTN: Steve Fisher
LaSalle University
Connelly Library
1900 W. Olney Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199
ATTN: John Baky

Read John's Invitation to Researchers

Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation, Inc.
5510 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204
ATTN: Judy Bellafaire or Britta Granrud
Women's Overseas Service League Archives
Institute of Texas Cultures
801 S. Bowie Street
San Antonio, TX 78205-3296
ATTN: Jill Jackson
Lyndon B. Johnson Library
2313 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78705
ATTN: Gary A. Yarrington
Oral History Project of the 
Vietnam Archive
Texas Tech University
Special Collections Library
Room 108
Lubbock, TX 79409-1041

They are aggressively seeking women to tell their stories.

Collections of Interest to Researchers

Indiana Historical Society

KOWALSKI, KARREN. Karren E. Mundell Vietnam War correspondence, 1966-1967. M 0700. 1 box. Collection guide available.  

After graduating from Indiana University in 1965 with a nursing degree, she entered the Army Nurse Corps and served during 1966-1967 at the Biên Hòa Air Base, Vietnam. The collection contains approximately 90 letters written by Kowalski in Vietnam to her parents in Frankfort, Indiana, while serving as an intensive care recovery nurse. She describes her activities and those of the hospital, and gives her impression of the Vietnamese people, the American soldiers at the air base, and the conflict around her.

See above also . .. 

Join the list below to meet and talk with over 60 women who were in country:

Incountry Women (ICW) An email discussion group for women who served in Vietnam. Coffee Cup

"We went to a foreign country in service of our country...we gave aid and encouragement to a whole segment of our brothers/sisters...we survived a war...we are noble...we are brave...we are adventurous...we are an active part of world history...we are interesting...we have lived such exciting lives...we have gone far beyond the boundaries allowed to most of our sisters...we did it together...and we still have each other."

Patricia "Mama-san" Brimeyer
Army Service Clubs, VN '68

The ICW discussion group above, which is a lively bunch of women that send each other e-mail every day, should not be confused with my monthly ICW newsletter.


Address a request to the if you would like to be listed here.


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I would like to invite your attention to a scholarly resource of unparalleled depth and richness. This university-housed resource is the largest collection of its kind in the world and its use is without charge to scholars, graduate students, journalists, writers, teachers, and undergraduates (if they can get here.) The resource is known officially as:


Within the Collection are literally thousands of images of women in both an environment of general warfare and particularly so vis-a-vis the Viet Nam War era. These images run the gamut from straight historical contextualizations of women in war and service to the most fanciful representations of the female as she exists in the presence of war and affects men and her larger society. Inseparable from the images are the exemplification of women as role models.

This Collection is predicated upon the "imaginative representation of the war," therefore the heart of the Collection is comprised of novels, short stories, poetry, film, music, graphic art, personal narratives, photography, and ephemera (e.g., comics, games, newsletters, etc.). To give an idea of the magnitude of this resource, there are upwards of 600 films - a third of them documentary in nature, and the rest commercial releases and "small' or "art" films. There are perhaps a dozen documentary films alone that deal just with the various roles of women in that war. The commercial films bearing images of women in the Viet Nam war number in the hundreds.

The fictive representation of women resides heavily in the novels, and short stories, and to a lesser degree in the poetry. However, within the novels and short stories, and within the personal narratives, it is possible to extract countless sets of images of women for the purpose of comparing conceptions and revisions of the female presence in this and other wars. A researcher may find scores and scores of images of the woman as protester, as home-bound keeper of the family, as combatant, as conscientious objector, as nurse-donut dolly-special services member, as Vietnamese women from both sides of the conflict, as represented in print and cinematic pornography, and as the protagonist in entire sub-genres of Viet Nam War-related fictive representations such as "romance," science fiction, and action/adventure writings. There are perhaps 1200 novels in the entire Collection!

Although the Collection is founded on "imaginative representations" there is a robust underpinning of secondary and critical material present as well. For example, there are about 150 doctoral dissertations and masters' theses that deal with the Viet Nam war in some way. A particular strength within this category of secondary sources happens to be the affect of the war on women participants who were nurses. There are perhaps a dozen dissertations alone that address the unque affect that PTSD has on women in both their roles as family caregiver and military participant. As a separate thema the PTSD affect on women runs thick and wide throughout the fiction as well. This Collection has been in existence since 1986 and has appeared as a major credit in 10 scholarly monographs and scores of conference papers. And although I'd venture to say that fully half of all researchers who use the Collection are women scholars and graduate students, it is precisely in the area of the role of women that this Collection is most underused. Thus, my invitation to you all. Come and you will be amazed at the utility of this resource.

John S. Baky
Connelly Library
La Salle University
1900 W. Olney Ave.
Phila. PA 19141-1199

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