ALL women who served in Vietnam were volunteers, whether civilian or military. At one time there was discussion about drafting women nurses, but this was never implemented. Some women military asked to go to Vietnam, and some were sent against their wishes and even against recruiter's promises, but all were volunteers because they voluntarily signed up for the military. On this website, you can read about ALL the women who served. WELCOME HOME!

Vietnam Womens Memorial

Emily's Poem "Women's Memorial"

these three sisters are one
A circle portrayed by individual snapshots in time
of a past which ultimately bonds forever
we who served
the caring, brave and sometimes fragile women of war

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This is a discussion group (called ICW), for women who served in Vietnam and those who are interested in the topic. There were many women who served in civilian and military jobs during the Vietnam War.

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This is a newsletter for women who served in Vietnam. It is sent out very infrequently, but over 400 women subscribe and it contains a hodgepodge of useful information..

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