Women in Vietnam
~ In Memoriam and in Thanks

“If other eyes should grow dull and other hands slack,
and other hearts cold in solemn trust, ours shall keep it well 
as long as the light and warmth of life remains in us."

A Place on the Wall and in Our Hearts 

Complete list of American and Australian and New Zealand Civilian and Military Women who died in the Viet Nam War (1959-1975)


The Vietnam Women's Memorial
Dedicated to ALL Women Who Served in Vietnam

"From this day forward, it will be a place of healing and hope for the thousands of women veterans who suffer the invisible and silent wounds of war. It will stand as a symbol for all generations as an enduring legacy of strength, courage, compassion and caring portrayed by the military and civilian women who faithfully served at home and abroad during a very, very difficult time for our nation." ~Col. Jane Carson

Photos of the Dedication

VVMP: Vietnam Women's Memorial Project Home Page

The fantastic new official home page for the organization created to raise money for the Vietnam Women's Memorial on the Mall in Washington, DC.  They still need your help to keep their education programs going.

The Vietnam Women's Memorial Needs YOUR Help

"As you know it has been increasingly challenging raising the funds after the dedication of the Vietnam Women's Memorial. Yet, thanks to some fabulous people and wonderful volunteers we retired the debt for the memorial itself last year....so the monument is paid for. However, the Project still faces about $150,000 worth of remaining obligations. In order to meet those obligations plus continue funding our important education and research programs the Project has taken some cost efficiency measures and has restructured to minimize overhead. This way, all donations will go toward program

We no longer pay rent but operate out of a different location. However, our mailing address remains the same except for a new suite # 610; we do have a new phone number 301-333-3200. [See above] Our mission and our work continues onward but without any staff. We now rely on board members and volunteers to carry on the entire work load. Yes, we need help with funding to continue our programs! 

Please spread the word that the Project is doing everything it can but needs financial support."

Emily's Poem "Women's Memorial"

these three sisters are one
A circle portrayed by individual snapshots in time
of a past which ultimately bonds forever
we who served
the caring, brave and sometimes fragile women of war  read the entire poem

Glenna Goodacre - Designer of the Memorial

"There is no rank," she said, talking about each of the three woman depicted in the work. "The woman who is cradling the wounded soldier across her lap is the nurse. I purposely covered the top of the soldier's face so he would be anonymous."

Vietnam Women's Memorial Project: A Legacy Of Healing and Hope

An earlier page for the organization which is also of interest.

Photographs from November 11, 1993

Keynote Address At The Vietnam Women Veterans Memorial - Jeanne Diebolt

"What was it like to be a woman in Vietnam? We saw the worst that man could do to man, and we saw the very best of the human heart."

A Commemorative Tribute - Pam Young

"As we began to march down and around a bend in the road onto Constitution Avenue, there were veterans up in trees, on lampposts, thousands along the sidelines yelling: 'Welcome Home!'  'We Love You!' 'Thank You!' The applause and cheers were deafening, totally unexpected and very overwhelming! Even flowers were being tossed to the women by the men."

Women Share Tears at Vietnam Statue

"All day yesterday, the Vietnam Women's Memorial did that to people. Some came in camouflage outfits, others in wheelchairs. Some had been Dillard's bound when the spectacle in the parking lot distracted them. Others, such as Watson, are veterans who drove miles to see the memorial. Some came bearing scars from the war. Others came out of passing curiosity. Together they formed a steady trickle of visitors to the memorial."

A Model of the Memorial Statue Begins a Journey

"The Vietnamese baby has disappeared from the bronzed arms of the American Army nurse."

The Women Who Served (1987) - Rosemary Jones

"Lt. Col. Annie Ruth Graham, a career army nurse who served in World War II and Korea, became ill and died during her tour of duty in Vietnam. Her name is inscribed on the wall at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D. C., along with seven other women who were casualties of that war.

She is buried just across the Potomac River in Arlington National Cemetery. The marker on her grave duly notes her participation in the earlier conflicts.

There is no mention of Vietnam."


The Sharon Ann Lane Foundation

The Sharon Ann Lane Foundation will honor her memory among the people of Vietnam by erecting a Medical Clinic near the site of her service.  The cost of the Clinic is 30,000 USD. Will you consider honoring Sharon Ann Lane, Nurse, Humanitarian and exemplary American by helping to complete this Clinic in her memory for the villagers of Tam Hiep commune, Chu Lai, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam?


Memorials to Women Including Statues of Women

Sacramento, CA  Holmdel, NJ 
Westchester County, NY The Highground, WI

Greater Rochester, NY (Select Service of Women)

Australian Service Nurses National Memorial


Operation Babylift

In Memoriam 

The Lady Was a Tiger - Lt. Regina Aune

"One October day the following year, Capt. Regina Aune stood in the office of Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Jones to receive the Cheney Award for 1975, recognizing an act of valor "in a humanitarian interest performed in connection with aircraft." She was the first woman, and to this time the only one, to earn that honor."

Chicken Soup For The Mother's Soul - Baby-Lift

"As my friend Carol Dey and I rode through the dusty streets of Saigon in a creaky VW bug on April 26, 1975, I was sure we looked exactly like what we were: a couple of Iowa homemakers"

Official Red Cross Website

"Operation Babylift flew some 2,000 infants and toddlers to the United States under the auspices of various agencies that were authorized to arrange for the adoption of Indochinese orphans in that country."


We Remember You All

Guys, if you want to say thanks, here is your chance.  Sign the guest book.

Melbourne, Florida 2000  "Quiet Tribute Paid to Women Vets" by Zenaida A. Gonzalez

The women's ceremony was missing from the reunion's official program and it wasn't on the group's official Web site. The 25 women who attended the ceremony at the Moving Wall veterans memorial heard about it through a network of women vets on the Internet.

An Offering - Ann Collette

Night Rounds - An essay by the webmaster

Nurse Duffy & Gordon Boswell Meet at the Wall, Memorial Day 1997

Genie - A Donut Dolly at Cam Ranh Bay

"I began to realize that the Vietnam veteran has something special from other veterans. Perhaps it is because the war was so very unpopular and during a time of unrest in our country, I don't know for certain, but as I carefully watched these men and women, they stopped being strangers in a park and became a family sharing their memories, their laughter, their tears: every aspect of who they were, then and now."

Guest Book & Locator Service - This is for you!

"Thank-you ladies for what you did for all of us and for the hugely un-recognized service you did for your country.........."


Visit The Virtual Wall or The Moving Wall to pay your
respects to those women who did not come home.



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