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Welcome Students!

I am happy you are here and taking an interest in the history of your parents and grandparents.   This website should help you in doing your homework, if you read the guidelines carefully.

There are women here who have consented to be interviewed, but you should realize that interviews about Vietnam are not easy for the person being interviewed.  Have you had a friend or family member die who you loved?  How would it feel to talk about that with a stranger?   It would be difficult and unpleasant I think.  So before you put someone through the experience of talking about Vietnam, you need to prepare yourself.

  • Do your homework first.

  • Assess whether you need to do an interview

  • Listen.

These simple guidelines are explained below.

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Do  Your Homework First

Go to the first page of this website and start reading.  Find out the different ways that women served in Vietnam.  Decide what kind of job you want to learn more about and read everything you find here about that job.  Read this story written just for you.

It's not that hard, the website is grouped by occupation and you will find all this information on three pages.

Here are two other good websites.

Check out the bibliography page and then get to the library and check out some books!  (Advanced researchers may be interested in archival information.)

Assess Whether you Need to Do an Interview

After reading through the website, you will see how much material is here and how hard these stories must be to tell.  Do you still need to proceed?  Maybe you have enough now to do your paper.  


OK, you need to talk with someone to do this project.  The next part is all about listening.  Do not assume, even though you have done the research, that you know the answers to the questions.  Everyone's war was different.  There are no wrong answers.  Show respect for the pain and memories you are asking to be resurrected.

You are going to be part of a team now, as you will be a messenger through history.  The stories you hear you will be able to tell to generations that will not be able to talk with Vietnam veterans.  As a team member, your duty is to get the story right.

You will find a list of women here, who are willing to talk --sometimes.  Everyone here has an off-line life and so there will be times when you will get a "No, thank you" in response to your request.  Don't take it personally.   All those listed are willing to assist, WHEN TIME PERMITS, but may not always be available at all times.

Let Me Do Your Website!



Do you know someone in the service?

See www.BlueStarGardenFlags.com

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Read through each person's FAQ before sending an interview request.  Then send an e-mail asking if the person will consent to be interviewed.  Explain what your project is and what research you have done.  Tell when your deadline is.  (If it is due within the next 24 hours -sorreee, you are too late!)

If the woman you asked will do an interview, then send a very few (three at most) well thought out questions.  Do not be inspired by the FAQ to send a long list.  

Any information collected is for your personal educational use and is not to be posted elsewhere on the Internet or in any other public domain without express permission of interviewee.

Sharon (Vander Ven) Cummings Red Cross "Donut Dollie" April 66 - April 67 Sharon was a civilian volunteer to Vietnam who worked for the American Red Cross. She spent her year running recreation centers, visiting hospitals, and writing recreation programs which were then taken directly out in the field to the guys. She also has the Medal for Civilian Service in Vietnam. FAQ's & e-mail
Ann Kelsey Civilian (U.S. Army Librarian) 1969-1970


Ann was a Department of the Army Civilian employee of Army Special Services in the Morale and Recreation program. She served as an administrative librarian in Vietnam from August 1969 to August 1970. During that time, she was in charge of four "public" libraries designed especially for use by the soldiers assigned to Army posts in Cam Ranh Bay, Dong Ba Thin, and Nha Trang.  FAQ's & e-mail
Willa Clark Podgornoff   [e-mail]
Judy Williams '68-'69 Army Nurse [e-mail]

Women, volunteers are wanted to do student interviews.   

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